Tuesday, March 27, 2012

nVidia News + The Future

So recently I heard that AMD threatened to sue nVidia on the release of the GTX 680 because they feared it would make them LOOSE TOO MUCH BUSINESS. Now THAT'S a complement. So the GTX680 cards are actually only running at 80% capability. That leaves 20% to overclocking just to get it to what it was designed for! and THEN there is overclocking. This is funny but then again, we are paying $500 for a card that isn't running at its best. It's also funny that at 80% this card still dominates all others on the market. I mean one of these = 2 x 560Ti 2GB as I said in a earlier post. I would know because that's what I'm running. Also nvidia 3d surround on one card? Thats something you normally dont get unless you guy a 590 or something!


If we've come this far in the past 10 years, Imagine what we'll be using in 20 years. Kind of scary actually if you think about it. we went from a 4GB HDD being normal back in Y2K to 2T being normal. Thats so much more that I'm too lazy to work it out! if that goes up at the same rate, we'll have shit like xenobyte hardrives which could be like 1000 terabytes. My head hurts from thinking about this man. Imagine the resolutions! JIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. 1920x1200? pffffffft thatll be nothing in 10-20 years.


  1. If we will still be alive in 20 years =D but I really can't imagine what human mind is able to concieve :)