Sunday, April 1, 2012

You get what you pay for?


It seems with the HD 7970 coming in aroun $525 average, the GTX680 is an even better deal now because the 680 is more for less! The 680 has better max and min FPS on most benchmarks it has been run on compared to the 7970.

BF3 ultra: 7970 - (max 94) (min 41)
                  680 - (max 103) (min 42)

3D Mark 11 scores: 7970 - (2753)
                                  680 - (3172)

The Witcher: 7970 - (max 41) (min 21)
                      680 - (max 44) (min 26)

So why even bother with the 7970 if you'll be paying more and not even getting the performance bonus? And you don't even get a brand to brag about!


  1. why not just get a mac for double the price and not have to worry about having a high tech computer cuz u definitly wont?

  2. wowsers i always think brand names are better

  3. Great benchmark, put ATi to their misery Nvidia!! Ati better lower the prices if they want to stay in competition.

  4. I wouldnt mind one of either compared to the one i have now! :P

  5. Nvidia has always been my favorite, and the only cards i am willing to pay for.

  6. this 7970 was a shame, AMD lost this time... but i'll be waitin' for a better vga

  7. They are booth great cards in my mind :3

  8. thanks for the info, i guess id definately rather get the 680

  9. both graphic card are really good in my opinion but i think the GTX680 is better